A Guide to Production Monitoring

Production monitoring is a well-known practice that gives manufacturers a holistic view of all errors and inefficiencies that occur during production. It helps with boosting your shop floor’s efficiency, reduces shipping delays, and ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

Production Monitoring Helps Save Time, Money, and Improves Processes

Production monitoring is a well-known practice that gives manufacturers a holistic view of all errors and inefficiencies that occur during production. It helps with boosting your shop floor’s efficiency, reduces shipping delays, and ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

Production monitoring uses data analysis to inspect products early in production, during production, and at the end of production.  Production line monitoring helps provide a holistic view of your entire manufacturing process, rather than a limited view.

Production line monitoring can help save you time and money by improving your process and giving you data at each step in your process. 

If you realize that your production floor isn’t functioning how it’s supposed to, continue reading.

Freedom can help your factory get started by implementing a better production monitoring system with our machine monitoring software.  Utilizing shift reports, eLog software, and real-time OEE dashboards, you can have full visibility of your shop floor’s data and become more efficient.


What is Production Monitoring?

Production monitoring is how you record the operation of your production line in real-time. The process is done by gathering data at different intervals, showing important real-time data, and sending reports to the managers and employees alike.

From the information collected, you can analyze, and use it to make much-needed improvements to the production line. You can also keep these analytics for future use in your business.

Implementing a manufacturing communication system can help keep you abreast of changes in your production line. Some features of the system include dashboards in real-time, analytic tools, and communication features where you can make calls from a dashboard for support.

The production line monitoring system combines control units and input and output modules. They are used to manage communication with the various parts of the system at all times. It enables you to get the correct information from the different machines and workstations.


What Is CNC Monitoring?

A CNC production monitoring system enables you to have constant supervision over your CNC machines. Your production visibility will decrease if there’s no manual inspection done. Truth is, it’s hard to monitor all your machines and has full transparency, especially if you’re running an extensive business.

Installing a smart shop floor control software will connect all your machines to other equipment digitally. It will also collect information about your hourly production. CNC monitoring will also find out how many pieces are up to standard, and your standard production time?

Your system tracks not only the data collected but will also notify you whenever it finds any discrepancies. The reports provided will allow you to make improvements continuously in your production line. The CNC software comprises many tools that analyze and break down data into insights that you can apply in your business.


What Is the Importance of Production Monitoring?

What makes production monitoring so important is that it helps provide your operation with data every step in your production.  Production line monitoring also provides you with data and inefficiencies as issues may occur.  Instead of realizing products have issues after they’ve been produced, production line monitoring gives insight into every step of your manufacturing process.

Production monitoring helps to lower shop floor inefficiencies and keep product quality high.  This increase in your operation’s efficiencies will result in fewer accidents and setbacks, reduce shipping delays, and ultimately result in higher customer satisfaction.


What Are the Benefits of Production Monitoring?

Production monitoring can serve your shop floor with many benefits.  The benefits of production line monitoring are:

  • Full visibility across your production line
  • Increase in quality control
  • Reduced product deficiencies
  • Helps prevent shipping delays
  • Straightforward installment
  •  User-friendly interface
  • Low cost to startup
  • Compatible with other computers


There are many advantages to production monitoring.  One of the common questions and benefits of production monitoring is it’s compatible with other computers in your production line. You can also connect your production monitoring software to any other up-to-date operating system. 

If you already have an integrated IT system, you can connect this system to it seamlessly. Production line monitoring is fast, and it allows you to communicate with your machines more freely. The system will send you real-time alerts if at any point there’s an issue with the machines in the production line. Doing this allows you to correct faults before they cause other problems, and it prevents other problems in the future.

It’s hard to keep up with technology when new ones are constantly being made. But, once your system is installed, it’s easy to keep it up to date. You can update your production monitoring system as soon as you change your production line to ensure they’re compatible.


Reasons to Keep Up with Production Line Monitoring

One aim of production management is it gives you a broader perspective when looking at the manufacturing process. It also combines all areas of product inspection, such as early product inspection, during, and the last inspection. Running an inspection at different stages of production is useful, and instead of having only one view of production. The monitoring system allows you to have a look at the entire manufacturing system. Using this system can benefit you in various ways, such as:

  • It shows you how your workers are working
  • It shows how your products are being implemented


Avoiding shipping delays – Shipping delays are amongst the most frustrating issues for any company. It’s caused by a lack of transparency. Therefore, production line monitoring allows each party to be transparent. It also helps to avoid customer dissatisfaction when their products are delayed.


How Freedom can Help your Operation’s Efficiency

That’s production monitoring in a nutshell!  We’ve covered everything regarding production monitoring from what it is, why it’s important, and what the benefits are, you should know just how crucial production monitoring is for your entire operation.

If you’re someone who’s interested in learning how a production monitoring system works, and how it can help your bottom line, contact us, request a demo, or even sign up for a free trial of the best product monitoring software.

Implementing one of these systems can help to grow your company and also prevent production downtime. Get started with production monitoring with Freedom today.

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