Slideshow Module

Combine user created dashboards using Freedom AI’s Real-Time Dashboard Module and other information such as ERP/MES/QMS/CMMS reports, production goals, quality metrics, safety statistics, and more into automated slideshows. Slideshows are an effective way to communicate to groups of personnel on the production floor and in other common areas.

A powerful communication
tool that keeps your workforce informed.

The Freedom AI Platform’s Slideshow Module provides you with the flexibility to create customized slideshows to keep your workforce informed and focused on what matters most in the facility.

Using the Real-Time Dashboard Module to pull information from Freedom eLOG and other company sources, you can create powerful and visually stunning slideshows. 

The Slideshow Module allows you to configure the order and time duration for each dashboard page of the slideshow. Once saved, the slideshow is available for use anywhere a browser is enabled. Slideshows are frequently used in the production area on large LED monitors to communicate key production, quality, and safety information to the workforce.

Slideshows are an excellent production management tool for morning or shift jumpstart meetings. 

Drive communication....aggregate and display your most important facility metrics.

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