Shift Reports Module

Review shift performance using Freedom AI’s Shift Reports module. Compare downtime, alerts, part production, and OEE by shift to identify continuous improvement opportunities and promote best practices.

Gain more control
and oversight.

Receive valuable visibility into production and machine utilization by shift for comparison and continuous improvements. Know where and how productive time is being spent.

The Shift Reports Module eliminates communication gaps and automatically records relevant details for efficient operations.

Managers may ask:

  • Are there unknown constraints that can be removed?
  • Are there best practices being performed by one shift that can be implemented across the adjacent shifts for production improvements?     


Freedom AI’s Shift Reports traces the amount of time spent in various production categories. Operators and managers can see what time is being spent on inefficient activities such as waiting for materials, unscheduled downtime, or other process or machine health issues.

Use of Shift Reports promotes continuous improvement.

Put your process
to the test.

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