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Business Core

Introductory plan features

Standard machine interfaces with 6 primary eLOG® functions and charts with Basic notifications.

Plan Details

Get basic machine monitoring and notifications with FREEDOM® AI –

Freedom’s entry level plan allows users to set flexible production schedules and monitor basic machine performance.

Freedom eLOG® Module –

Freedom Essential includes the eLOG standard report module. For each machine, Freedom Essential automatically categorizes the time spent unscheduled, in-cycle, delayed, or stopped. Point and click reports allow users to view summarized reports and then easily drill down to detailed machine data for any specified time frame from a year-on-year basis down to a detailed minute-by-minute basis for a single machine or an entire factory of machines. Freedom Essential also includes machine alert monitoring. Users can list, search, and pareto the alerts that occur on each machine identifying current and future maintenance issues.

Notification Module –

Freedom Essential integrates seamlessly with any email system. Users can schedule or email directly any Freedom report for any specified time frame, for any specified machine or group of machines.

Machine Interfaces –

All the Freedom plans include a set of robust, easy to install, machine interfaces that connect to each machine and provides valuable data to the Freedom platform. Standard data items such as: cycle, fault code, fault text, and other data items are included with the Freedom Essential plan. Freedom can also connect to a MTConnect based machine interface supplied by a machine OEM.

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Business Core + More

Everything included with Essential + Additional..

Understand more about your manufacturing operation including downtime tracking, part production, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Plan Details

Drill deeper into your processes and financials with FREEDOM® AI – PRO

Look to Freedom Pro when you’re ready to understand more about your manufacturing operation including downtime tracking, part production, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Freedom Pro is Freedom’s mid-level plan and includes all the features of Freedom Essential plus the following features.

Freedom eLOG® Module –

Events – Freedom’s event features allow users to create and configure down time events into down time categories and easily assign them to machines. Once configured, users can easily create or reassign downtime events per machine. Detailed analytics include downtime event lists, pareto charts, and search functions.

Parts – Track production by part number and operation using Freedom’s parts feature. Automate further using Freedom’s auto part counting to track production in real-time. Users can view production reports and analyze cycle times, statistically.

Programs/Tools – Through a variety of reports, review program and tool times and other analytics used to produce each part number.

OEE – Track OEE for the entire plant down to individual machine. Easily drill down and identify availability, performance, and quality issues contributing to OEE.

e$CORE® –

Monetize your plant’s performance through e$CORE. Determine the profitability of value streams, departments, and even individual machines.

Shift Reports Module –

Freedom’s shift reports module allows users to compare shifts regarding down time, part production, utilization, and more for any machine or group of machines for any time span. Easily identify capacity, staffing, training, and process opportunities.

Real-Time Dashboard Module –

Visually communicate key performance indicators and metrics. Freedom’s “drag and drop” designer allows users to select from hundreds of Freedom data sources to quickly create impactful dashboards. Display on any device including Andon boards, TV’s, Tablets, and mobile phones.

SlideShow Module –

Create a slide show in minutes from a collection of real-time dashboards. Remotely deploy and manage content to each device.

Operator App –

Allows operators to easily interact with Freedom AI for classifying downtime events, entering part production information, and displaying any Real-Time Dashboard created in Freedom AI. Includes ANDON electronic notifications to alert management, manufacturing, maintenance, or other personnel of a machine, quality, or process problem.

Notification Module – 

In addition to email reports, Freedom Pro includes automated text message alerts. Know instantly when machines are down, idle, producing bad parts, exceeding cycle times, and more. Also included is Triggers and Actions. Configure condition-based rules to set thresholds for sensors, alerts, events, and more. Automated actions include sending emails, text messages, creating events, and communicating with other systems.

Machine Interfaces –

In addition to the standard data items, Freedom Pro includes automatic part tracking that communicates to Freedom the part number and quantity as parts are produced.


Customized Advanced Data & Integrations

Premium plan features

Visualize your manufacturing operation’s metrics on any device. Track machine and process health using AI and condition-based tools to monitor sensor and other IoT data.

Enjoy 8-additional modules + custom integration.

Plan Details

Unleash the power of automated intelligence with FREEDOM® AI – PREMIUM

Visualize your manufacturing operation’s metrics on any device in the plant with Freedom Premium. Track machine, process health, and quality using Analytics Intelligence(AI) and condition-based tools to monitor sensor and other IIoT data.

Freedom Premium includes all the features of Freedom Pro plus the following features.

 Analytics Intelligence (AI)

Freedom Analytics Intelligence (AI) features Freedom Insight, a real-time, chronological analytics and informational feed. Users subscribe to powerful AI insights or create their own insights that fit their role or needs. Insights are displayed within Freedom AI’s Insight panel, Real-Time Dashboards, and can also be added to 3rd party RSS feed applications.

Custom Data Module –

Collect and analyze sensor data to create a digital twin of each machine. Identify and visualize machine, process health, and quality issues through standard reports, Real-Time Dashboards, or in combination with AI, as a Freedom Insight feed.

Notification Module –

In addition to email reports, automated text messages, and Triggers and Actions, Premium includes the Freedom Insight feed. All items created for email reports, text messages and with Triggers and Actions can be visualized in the Freedom Insight feed panel in Freedom eLOG, on a marquee in the Real-Time Dashboard Module, or added to 3rd party RSS feed applications. Automated actions include sending emails, text messages, initiating feeds, creating events, and communicating with other systems.

Report Builder Module –

Create personalized reports specific to your role or area of responsibility. Choose from Freedom AI’s standard reports, Real-Time Dashboards, or use the Report Builder’s enhanced dashboard capability to build professional looking metrics. Use personally, display in a functional area, or as part of an executive management review.

Machine Interfaces –

In addition to the standard data items and automatic part tracking, Freedom Premium includes monitoring any data items available on each machine’s control system including sensor data.

Compare all plans.

Compare all plans.

Whether you have 200 machines or 5, no matter the size of your operation, we have a plan that best fits your needs.

Notification Module
Email Reports
Text Message Alerts
Condition-Based Triggers
AI Insight Feed
e$CORE® Financial Module
Factory Income Statement
Shift Reports Module
Shift Comparison Reports
Real-Time Dashboard Module
User-Defined Dashboards
Slideshow Module
Dashboard Visualization
Analytics Intelligence (AI)
Insights – A powerful analytics and informational feed
Custom Data Module
Sensor & I/O Data Items
Condition-Based Triggers
Graphical Analysis
Report Builder Module
Enhanced Dashboard Capability
Role or Function Specific Personalized Reports
Operator App
Application for Operators Use on the Shop Floor
Barcode Scanning
Integrated 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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