Analytics Intelligence (AI)

Freedom Analytics Intelligence (AI) features Freedom Insight, a real-time, chronological analytics and informational feed. Users subscribe to powerful AI insights or create their own insights that fit their role or needs. Insights are displayed within Freedom AI’s Insight panel, Real-Time Dashboards, and can also be added to 3rd party RSS feed applications.

Streaming rich data sets lead to Powerful Insights and Action

Freedom AI Platform’s Analytics Intelligence (AI) provides you the ability to configure analytical and informational feeds to keep you informed.

Select machines, select analytics/information you wish to receive organized by functional roles or categories (Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality), and establish a severity level for which analytics/information is coded and reported.

These analytics/information appear in Freedom AI’s Insight panel as a feed on the lower portion of the Freedom eLOG® Module or in the Real-Time Dashboard Module as a marquee. Additionally, they can be added to a 3rd party feed application.

Freedom AI’s algorithms analyze this data to provide powerful insights into machine and process trends and anomalies. Analytics Intelligence helps you get the answers to optimize productivity.  Why do production times vary from one lot to the next, for the same part number? What causes the quality issues on one machine versus another? Why is one shift more productive than another for the same job or part number? Why do process parameters vary over the course of the day?    

Quickly obtaining the answers to questions like these with little investigation or manual data manipulation is the key benefit of AI. 

Combined with the Real-Time Dashboard Module and Notification Module, Analytics Intelligence powers up your ability to quickly visualize complex data sets and notify continuous improvement teams for resolution of issues and keep production on track. 

Turn complex data into real-time insights and action to keep your operations productive.

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