Barcode Scanning

Integrated Bluetooth barcode scanner that promotes easy scanning of downtime events, part production details, part travelers, and part numbers from a 2D bar code that communicates with Freedom AI.

Quick, automated,
error proof data entry.

Freedom AI’s Barcode Scanning application provides quick, automated, error-proof input of key data items into Freedom eLOG so your operations personnel can focus on production and/or logistics activities.

Using a standard Bluetooth scanner, production personnel can quickly input key production data items into Freedom eLOG effortlessly by using our tablet application. Input key production items such as: downtime events, part production details, part quality data, part travelers, part numbers, and part disposition.

The Barcode Scanning application seamlessly incorporates the Freedom AI Platform’s modules for real-time machine monitoring dashboard displays, email reports, text messages, and detailed historical reports.

Supports Bluetooth Scanners connected to the Freedom AI Tablet Application.

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