Ensuring IT Collaboration

Designed for easy deployment.

Get ready for a taste of freedom

One of the major pillars of the Freedom®AI platform is, and always will be, easy IT integration.

Even though the platform is robust with exponential capabilities, its virtual nature allows for a light IT footprint and enabling users is a breeze. This means IT personnel incur no extra or unnecessary burdens.

Fast & easy installation.

Minimally invasive, high velocity installation means you’re up and running in hours, not days or weeks. No PLC Ladder or NC Program modifications are needed, either.

The Freedom platform team has developed its own set of robust, easy to install, MTConnect Adapters that enable connectivity with any industrial asset.

They are available as part of the Freedom AI platform, or as stand-alone interfaces. As the communication standard for the manufacturing industry, we have adopted the MTConnect protocol which provides rich data sets in a consistent format which can also be used to integrate with other business applications such as Power BI and other business systems such as ERP, MES, and CMMS. Freedom AI is also OPC compliant. 

Freedom Software Adapters are available for all types of controllers on all types of machines. Examples include but not limited to:

Deploy Freedom AI however you like.

With two installation options to choose from and web browser access, we can adapt to fit your needs:

On-Premise Virtualized Server

Customers can choose to deploy the Freedom AI platform on a virtualized server within their own infrastructure. Once the virtual Linux server is created, the Freedom team installs and configures the software; often times remotely.

Industrial Cloud

Our Freedom AI Industrial Cloud option is a scalable multi-tenant solution that is hosted externally on a third-party hosting service.

Web Browser Access

So there’s no special software to install on user devices, all you need is a web browser.

Our promises.

Simple user management tools

With comprehensive standard reports, point-and-click interfaces, and out-of-the-box functionality, there is no need for special configuration or development.

No complex licensing contracts to manage

We employ user friendly, royalty free software, so no need for 3rd party licensing fees or extra management of your existing contracts.

Secure & reliable

We have passed vulnerability scans from our major customers and have obtained a “Certificate of Networthiness” from the US Government.

Put your process
to the test.

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