Custom Data Module

Extract, store, and analyze sensor data from the production asset’s control system and 3rd party sensors. Powerful condition-based AI algorithms keep users informed of anomalies, thresholds, and trends through Notifications, AI Insights, Custom Data charts, and Real-Time Dashboards.

Report Builder Module

Create personalized reports specific to your role or area of responsibility. Choose from Freedom AI’s standard reports, Real-Time Dashboards, or use the Report Builder’s enhanced dashboard capability to build professional looking metrics. Use personally, display in a functional area, or as part of an executive management review.

Machine Interfaces

We know that manufacturers have a variety of machine makes and models of all types and ages. Our goal was to make it easy to connect to those assets. So, we developed unique software interfaces and devices for obtaining machine data, analyzing it, and displaying without the need for changes to the controllers or machine itself.

Operator App

Allows operators to easily interact with Freedom AI for classifying downtime events, entering part production information, and displaying any Real-Time Dashboard created in Freedom AI. Includes ANDON electronic notifications to alert management, manufacturing, maintenance, or other personnel of a machine, quality, or process problem.

Barcode Scanning

Integrated Bluetooth barcode scanner that promotes easy scanning of downtime events, part production details, part travelers, and part numbers from a 2D bar code that communicates with Freedom AI.

Analytics Intelligence (AI)

Freedom Analytics Intelligence (AI) features Freedom Insight, a real-time, chronological analytics and informational feed. Users subscribe to powerful AI insights or create their own insights that fit their role or needs. Insights are displayed within Freedom AI’s Insight panel, Real-Time Dashboards, and can also be added to 3rd party RSS feed applications.

e$CORE® Financial Module

Factory income statement monetizing the availability and performance by production asset. Allows you to quickly understand whether you are making or losing money at an operational level.

Real-Time Dashboard Module

Choose from a wide variety of dashlets to create dynamic and impactful real-time metrics. Keep your entire organization informed by displaying on shop floor monitors, mobile devices, and personal computers.

Notification Module

Receive scheduled reports to your inbox and get real time push text alerts to your mobile devices for various production activities and machine performance metrics. Conditioned-based triggers allow users to send notifications, run scripts, create events, or add to the AI Insight feed based on specific alarms, conditions, or events that occur on the production floor.

Slideshow Module

Combine user created dashboards using Freedom AI’s Real-Time Dashboard Module and other information such as ERP/MES/QMS/CMMS reports, production goals, quality metrics, safety statistics, and more into automated slideshows. Slideshows are an effective way to communicate to groups of personnel on the production floor and in other common areas.