Freedom IOT introduces Artificial Intelligence Functionality

New voice-of-the-customer upgrades make data-based shop floor decisions faster and easier. Available with three plan options, Freedom® software provides real-time data collection and custom solutions for any size shop, any machine type, any brand.

APRIL 2021 – Freedom IOT’s latest shop floor software release brings new voice-of-the-customer
features and enhancements, including new Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality and a self-help Video

The AI feature notifies users and other systems of adverse machine and process conditions before they are catastrophic. The latest version of the widely adopted software platform also includes a robust, self-help Video Library. This gives users the ability to walk through all the features and functions at their own leisure while facilitating rapid plant wide user education.

“We have strong relationships with our customers, and we value their feedback,” said Jeff Price,
Executive Vice President of Freedom IOT. “We were the pioneer of this technology on the shop floor and
these new features and upgrades to our software reflect our commitment to remaining the leader. We
have the benefit of customer input to help us continue to provide the most user friendly, flexible shop floor
software available.”

Highlights of the software’s new features and enhancements include:
Dynamic Statistical Analysis – Set up simple to complex AI statistical rules to take the guess work out
of manufacturing by continuously monitoring process and machine health.

Video Library – Freedom offers a context-sensitive, comprehensive video-help library to assist in over 65
different topics to keep its users well-versed to stay as efficient and effective as possible.

Barcode Scanner – With ease of use being one of the cornerstones of Freedom’s functionality, the
updated barcode scanner app provides convenience at your fingertips for scanning part information,
downtime, and much more, using a wireless barcode scanner connected to a mobile device.

Operator App – The updated operator app provides a streamlined interface to Freedom’s smart
manufacturing platform on a mobile device. The easy to use and powerful user interface provides the
essentials for operators and other shop floor personnel.

Real-Time Dashboards – Many new features and enhancements. You now have visibility to view IIoT
measurement data along with nominal values using the new custom data widget, useful for a variety of
metrics including analog sensor data and quality data. Compare actual cycle times to expected cycle
times thanks to the new custom column chart and line chart widget.

Machine Interfaces – Expanded capability of Freedom’s machine interfaces to communicate part
production information and process information.

“The advantages of our software are the data it provides and the flexibility of customization,”
added Price. “Our latest software version provides streamlined data presented in user-customized ways
that are most useful to our customers.”

For more information on the latest version of the Freedom shop floor software,
visit or call 513.719.1600.

About Freedom IOT
Freedom’s software development team has over 200 years of collective experience in controls
integration, automation, material handling, and discrete manufacturing in the IoT manufacturing
industry. The same team that brought to market the first FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) in the early
80’s and the Cell Controller in the 90’s, has translated that knowledge into a Smart Manufacturing
Platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era. Freedom IOT is comprised of manufacturing
people from the machine tool industry with intrinsic knowledge of machinery and industrial automation
process; from milling, turning, grinding, welding, additive manufacturing to robotics,
general automation and motion control. The company is focused on world-class manufacturing
performance, with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma experience, which allows it to support companies
with continuous improvement initiatives. This in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process, has
allowed creation of an innovative manufacturing platform that goes beyond reporting of Overall
Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to provide actionable
results to run more efficient, more profitable operations.
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