Complete Guide to Production Tracking Software

A successful shop floor provides factual information that leads them to make better decisions. If your job responsibilities are to measures data manually, there is a higher chance of non-accuracy and timeliness. It can impact the efforts of the whole department.

Production Tracking Systems of Today

Production tracking software is a modern technology strategy used by factory floors to measure, analyze, and improve visibility throughout the manufacturing process.

A successful shop floor provides factual information that leads them to make better decisions. If your job responsibilities are to measures data manually, there is a higher chance of non-accuracy and timeliness. It can impact the efforts of the whole department. To prevent your shop floor from such scenarios, you can switch to a production tracking software that helps in automating data collection and provide real-time insights to enhance business growth. Production tracking software helps provide real-time information and inform about opportunities, which helps optimize performance accordingly.

Keeping track of every inventory in the modern industry is highly difficult. Many companies use excel sheets and paper-based systems, which are time-intensive and not effective in the long run. If you are in the same situation, where it has become difficult for you to look after every aspect and keep records, then production tracking software is the ideal choice for you. In this article, we will tell you about what production tracking software is, its features, and its benefits.

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Production Tracking Software: What Is It?

Having a detailed knowledge about the business process is an integrated part of acquiring overall success. It offers visibility to the manufacturing processes and helps in improving profitability. A production tracking system works exactly like an order tracking system, but only for the integral matter. The internal production process of a company consists of many things, which are as follow:

  • Collection of the elements

  • Production of the designed products

  • Bindery operations in the final form

  • Packaging and shipping processes

These steps are not always essential for the customers but play a key role for the business owners and stakeholders. By keeping these records, one can gain real-time information into the analytics. Other than that, you can also identify the potential vendors, sum average profit and loss, and more.


Features Of Production Tracking System

  • Share Production Updates: It provides production schedule updates to the owners, stakeholders, and partners along with the proper supply chain.
  • Resource Management: It helps the company understand how to use its sources for greater production effectively.
  • Coordinate Communication: Manage the digital and face-to-face communication between the management.
  • KPI Data Collection: Helps in ensuring if you are meeting your production goals and giving your best.
  • Cost Management: Ensures that you get updates on all the job costing and orders.

Our Freedom platform offers plenty of features useful to manufacturers including real-time dashboards, oee tracking and software, shift reports, and more.


Benefits Of Production Tracking System

1. Saves A Lot Of Time

Traditional production techniques include manual processes, which are highly time-consuming. With the help of production tracking software, you can generate the software in the automated mode to receive all the information regarding the customer orders, schedules, demands, and more. It quickly adjusts and optimizes the process to meet the customer demands timely.


2. Quality Services

The overall services depend on several elements. The tools you are using for production tracking play a key role in informing you about the company’s vulnerabilities, shortages, etc. However, quality services are essential to maintain the company’s reputation and avoid production errors during the product delivery process.


3. On-Time Delivery

A production tracking system helps in planning on customer demands to ensure timely delivery of the products and services. It prevents over-promising orders and ensures that delivery is only scheduled when it can be done.


4. Accurate Production Updates

It is one of the significant advantages of product tracking software. It helps provide the most factual and accurate information regarding its manufacturing cycle. With the help of the software, you can get access to the entire data. It will help you know the real reason for the delay in production. In short, if you have several production lines, it will help you manage all of them.


Increase In Overall Productivity

Many companies lag behind because of not having the exact picture of how long it takes for the product to arrive on time. However, these are essential information to watch, especially while setting the production goals. If you get the hold of the exact problem, you will be able to work on it, automatically increasing the company’s overall production. It will help in minimizing the errors and making the delivery process smooth.

For more information on the benefits of how Freedom works with your shop floor, check out our page on the benefits of real-time production monitoring software

For a free trial of Freedom’s software, be sure to request a free 30-day trial.


Production Tracking System And Management

A production tracking system is just a small component of big software that suits most of the requirements of the business. For example, if you are a manufacturing company, you will require enterprise resource management (ERP) software to manage the various vendors’ sections. You will also require customer relationship management (CRM) to look after the sales. To make everything easier, look after each process and ensure that you maximize it. It will help in security risks, prevent data loss, and keep you safe from the other problems caused by third-party tools.


Problems A Company Can Face Without A Production Tracking System

A manufacturing company has faced many problems with an authentic production tracking system. Some of the preeminent issues faced are:

  • Slower Development

Not getting accurate information on manufacturing and supplying products can slow down the growth process, which will lead you behind. You should choose real-time production tracking software to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Higher Bills

If you are still on the same page with your production methods, there is a higher chance that you are missing so many things. Without having a proper record, you will be wasting many raw resources, which will lower your overall production.


What Product Tracking Software can Mean for your Shop Floor

Now you understand the concept of production tracking software, get ready to make maximum use of the data. Production tracking software is one key solution to keep every single piece of data recorded for future proceedings. If you are searching for an authorized manufacturing platform, Freedom is the right place for you. Our monitoring system will help you make prominent utilization of the system, improve quality, and double the profit. Besides, you can also get the software customized as per your needs and requirements. 

For more information about the Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform, contact Sam Bowman at 513-719-1617 and

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