What Is OEE Monitoring Software?

what is oee machine monitoring software

OEE Monitoring Software is an invaluable tool for any industrial production line. By allowing manufacturers to monitor their operational efficiency more accurately and quickly, this powerful technology can enable businesses to increase productivity and reduce costs. With the ability to provide real-time insights on how machines are performing - from yield rate to cycle time – OEE tracking can be a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimizing operations for better results. In this blog post, we'll explore what makes OEE monitoring software so useful and how it can be leveraged by industry professionals to enhance their processes.

OEE Monitoring Software

No matter the size or scope of a business, the one fact that all business owners can’t deny is that productivity is key. There are countless ways for measuring the productivity of people, but understanding the productivity of equipment is equally vital. So, what is OEE monitoring software? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deeper into exploring the answer to this question and its benefits.

OEE refers to Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which is a measurement of productivity in any form of equipment-based operation. Tracking OEE is a key element of optimizing workflows and streamlining daily operations.

What is OEE Monitoring Software?

The best tool to measure OEE is OEE software, which monitors the effectiveness of equipment, delivering actionable insights to users. Intelligence gained from OEE software is not only accurate but it’s delivered in real time. Using OEE software, business owners can have accurate OEE scores, in addition to other critical analytics, in their hands at all times.


How does OEE Monitoring Software Work?

To calculate an OEE score, criteria including availability, performance, and quality are factored from a complex set of equations.  Manually measuring and calculating an OEE score for each piece of equipment is time-consuming, difficult, and not practical for real-time information. OEE monitoring software solutions automatically capture the data required for the built-in calculations that calculate availability, performance, and quality, delivering accurate OEE scores. OEE software collects data from nearly any machine by way of industry-standard secure protocols, and users can view that data in real time. In an instant, you can view to-the-minute updates on metrics like downtime, machine utilization, cycle time trends, total production run time, part counts, and fully productive time.


Benefits of Using OEE Monitoring Software

The insights gleaned from using OEE monitoring software are invaluable and benefit business owners in a number of ways.


1. Reduced Costs

By identifying areas of opportunity, it’s possible to reduce costs resulting from underperformance, underutilization, excessive stoppages, and limited productivity.


2. Improved Productivity

Boost the performance of your equipment based on real-time data. When machinery is working harder, you don’t have to.


3. Historical Data

While real-time analytics are crucial, so is historical data. You’ll be able to look back on an archive of data to review trends over time, compare the productivity of shifts, and look for anomalies that affect availability or performance.


4. Increased Quality

You’ll be able to uncover any factors that are contributing to diminished quality and reduce rework, driving down costs.


Types of Companies That Can Benefit from Using OEE Monitoring Software

OEE monitoring software is versatile and can be adopted in a multitude of industries. The beauty of OEE software is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how it can be utilized. Production facilities of all types and sizes can benefit from streamlined workflows, which not only save time and money but serve to minimize human error across the board.


Medical Devices & Equipment

Medical operations must be managed impeccably, as equipment production is always changing and evolving as medicine advances. Implementing monitoring OEE software is vital to ensuring production quality is consistently meeting the standard.



In the automotive industry, it’s imperative for real-time data to be available to engineers, operators, and management alike. Utilizing monitoring OEE software allows team members to have access to the same accurate information regarding product quality and production efficiency.



Now more than ever it’s important for energy companies to minimize costs so that they are not passed on to the end user. Using OEE monitoring software enables those companies to seamlessly deliver information collected to the operators, manufacturing engineers, and facility managers.


Consumer Goods

Manufacturers are always striving to create the leanest operation possible, and OEE monitoring software is the perfect tool to do just that. With OEE software, manufacturers can spot areas of opportunity, and address them in real-time to improve both product quality and operational efficiency.


Plastics Processing

The plastics industry is competitive and keeping costs lower than competitors is critical to success. OEE software enables companies to easily and quickly analyze activity and events that reduce efficiency, giving you the opportunity to problem-solve in order to make operations run better and faster than ever before.


Logistics Automation

Operational efficiency is key for logistics automation; efficiency is the difference between a thriving business and losing out to competitors. Streamlining processes of storing, picking, sorting, wrapping, weighing, and packing products can be dramatically improved by integrating OEE software into the workflow.


How to Choose the Right OEE Monitoring Software for Your Business

Managing daily business operations may be challenging, but choosing the right OEE monitoring software doesn’t have to be. With Freedom AI, accurate real-time data and OEE scores are right at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and problem-solve both short-term and long-term solutions.

Freedom AI offers easy installation and integration right out of the box, primarily using software interfaces to create connections between all of your assets on the shop floor. Hardware is only required for legacy or non-traditional assets. Connect Freedom AI to CNC machines, robots, automated production lines, assembly lines, and warehouse operations. With Freedom AI, you’ll be connected within a matter of hours and receive data and real-time insights, and you can view reports on your mobile devices and desktops in addition to shop LCD monitors.

When you choose Freedom AI, you are choosing powerful applications that combine analytic engines with visualizations, triggers, and actions with notifications, giving you the ability to monitor production and performance maintenance minute by minute. Freedom AI is designed for integration into any type of industrial automation. Regardless of the automation, Freedom AI provides the tools you need to optimize your workflow.

Freedom AI’s intelligence-based algorithms and Analytics Intelligence software are in a class of their own. Freedom AI was designed to analyze and categorize data into actionable information across any industry, for any process, anywhere in the world.


Implementation Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your OEE Monitoring Software

Freedom AI offers two installation options as well as web browser access, ensuring flexibility to meet each user’s unique needs. Deploy the Freedom AI platform as an on-premise virtualized server or opt for the Freedom AI Industrial Cloud, which is hosted externally by a trusted and secure third party. Be sure to schedule a demo to learn more about how Freedom AI can support your specific needs and take advantage of Freedom AI’s online webinars to dive deeper into all of the features and benefits of the powerful and robust platform.

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